Chiropractic By McKellar

Financial Information


Dr. McKellar is a participating Medicare provider and a preferred provider in virtually every HMO, PPO or health insurance plan that does business in the bi-state area. When you come in we will know immediately what chiropractic benefits are covered by your plan. No surprises!

And just for the record, we also serve many satisfied (and actively referring) self-pay patients.



We do not typically offer “free” this or that. As savvy consumers, when we hear such advertisements we instinctively want to know about the “not free” part. As they say, there really are no free lunches.

So to keep things clean and up-front, we charge a maximum out-of-pocket first visit fee that will be equal to your approved co-payment or $75. That fee covers your portion of everything we may do on your first visit such as consultative history, spinal examination, x-rays and any treatment rendered. Sorry, but we told you no surprises.


When you contact us be sure to ask if there are any current coupons that we have issued in the community that would knock $20 off that fee. But you have to promise that you did not hear that from me. No you didn’t… Dr. M


Chiropractic by McKellar

1 Indian Hills Court
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Phone: 636-947-4046